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Forza Motorsport 6 Review

iLL Gaming
  • Summary: If you're looking to buy a racing game this gaming season, look nowhere else since Forza Motorsport 6 is the most definitive Forza game ever.
  • Pros: Showcase Events, Wet Weather and Night Racing, Amount of Content, New Mod System
  • Cons: Still no dynamic weather system
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Tom Clancy’s The Division Review

iLL Gaming
  • Summary: Tom Clancy’s The Division might seem like an ambitious attempt from Ubisoft to create the next big franchise, but suffers from a lack of depth and repetitiveness in its gameplay.
  • Pros: Brilliant Map UI, Small Learning Curve and Easy Accessibility, Weapon Customisation, Clever use of Collectibles to build backstory
  • Cons: Shallow Gameplay, Repetitive Gameplay, Glitchy Cover System, Slow Traversal through Game World
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Rise of the Tomb Raider Review

iLL Gaming
  • Summary: Rise of the Tomb Raider delivers finely tuned and thoroughly exciting action experiences, sometimes held back by contradictory elements.
  • Pros: Exhilarating action, Spectacular visual and environment design, Original soundtrack and effective sound design, Stealth gameplay, Camilla Luddington as Lara Croft
  • Cons: Banal narrative, Inconsistent openworld areas, Excesses detract from core action gameplay
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NBA 2K17 – Review

iLL Gaming
  • Summary: NBA 2K17 rides on one simple mantra that all sports games need to address - Replay Value. With larger than life GM Mode styles, thrilling gameplay and in-game environment and presentation to render an actual NBA clash. This is the right way to dodge critics and develop a game every year. With a few...
  • Pros: Balanced/Action packed Gameplay, Detailed Presentation, MyGM Mode, Stable Online Gameplay, Focus on modes like Blacktop
  • Cons: Soundtrack, Micromanagement in MyCareer, Text Overload, Unreal phsyique of some known players
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Watch Dogs 2 – The iLL Review

iLL Gaming
  • Summary: The good thing and the bad thing about Ubisoft is that they're adamant. The outcome is a greatly refreshing Watch Dogs 2, and its incredibly hipster POV into modern day third person open world shooter games. Fantastic missions, interesting characters and tons of loaded content; if you skip Watch...
  • Pros: Greatly improved core gameplay mechanics, Fun and Realistic San Francisco, Creative and Strategic freedom to players including Skill Tree, More meaningful hacking, Interesting Side quests, Interesting NPCs - Wrench and Miranda Comay, A Visual Treat
  • Cons: Cover Mechanics, Soundtrack, Vehicle Gameplay
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