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Toshiba 57 Inch LCD TV, Samsung UN65HU9000 curved HDTV review: 65 inches of luscious; but LCD doe... See newest reviews

Toshiba 57 Inch LCD TV

Lifestyle Lounge
  • Excerpt: Toshiba India, the 100 percent subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation Japan, launched 57" LCD TV, in India.
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Samsung UN65HU9000 curved HDTV review: 65 inches of luscious; but LCD doesn't beat OLED

PC World
  • Excerpt: When Samsung's 65-inch curved LCD smart TV powers on, an angelic choir hums a joyous tune in the background and a glowing aura shines forth into the darkening winter sky. Okay, I'm exaggerating. All it really does is make that typical fuzz-buzz sound that every other TV does. But I'm convinced that...
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LG 55EA9800 Curved OLED TV

  • Summary: But we would still suggest you to hold back from going for this TV as the premium that you pay for the curve and OLED is quite substantial. A regular Full HD TV from LG with all similar features comes for around Rs 3,00,000 where as here, you’re paying Rs 9,90,000. However, if you are someone for...
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LG 32LA6200

  • Excerpt: The 32LA6200 is just one of the many smart TVs LG has launched in 2013. The new series is more of a refinement of last year’s smart TVs and we have many of same features making a comeback along with some new ones. Apart from the lower end models, all its TVs now feature an updated dual-core...
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Samsung PS-42Q91H Plasma TV

  • Excerpt: Love it or hate it, but plasmas are definitely not phasing out anytime soon. At least until they commercially release another technology that can give you plasma like black levels. Besides, what 42″ LCD TV is available at a sub-one lakh price? Reasons like these and testing products like the Samsung...
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