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HP SlateBook x2 – Not Ready For Work

  • Summary: A tablet that tries too hard to be a laptop.
  • Pros: Fast, Responsive, Sharp display, Good keyboard dock, Rear-mounted volume/power controls, 64 GB internal storage, Mouse works
  • Cons: Software not suitable for work, Yellow tint on display, Unimpressive battery life, Bulky charger
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Surface 3 review: This one is worth recommending, though it's no bargain

PC World
  • Excerpt: The Surface 3's selling points can be summed up neatly: This is Microsoft's basic Office machine, a cheaper alternative to the Surface Pro 3 . Thanks to the new Surface's Intel Atom chip and real Windows 8.1 (with an upgrade path to Windows 10), it offers decent battery life, with a processor...
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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 review: A legitimate work PC in tablet clothing

PC World
  • Excerpt: Through every iteration, Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet has edged closer to becoming a true laptop replacement. Microsoft's latest Surface Pro 3 takes several small steps in that direction--along with one giant, game-changing leap. Sure, you'll still need to make a few compromises, but Surface Pro 3...
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Samsung GALAXY Tab S 10.5

  • Summary: Excellent hardware, let-down by Samsung's TouchWiz.
  • Pros: Brilliant AMOLED screen, Slim and compact design, Good 8 megapixel snapper.
  • Cons: TouchWiz beomes sluggish at times, Some high-end games look pixelated.
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Zync Z909 Plus

  • Summary: Proves why a resistive screen with Android is a recipe for disaster.
  • Pros: Dirt cheap, Excellent 1080p playback.
  • Cons: Bulky, Buggy software, Resistive touchscreen is terrible, Medicore battery life.
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