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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (PS3)

  • Summary: Sorely lacks the polish, depth, and appeal of a proper RE game.
  • Pros: Fun multiplayer modes, Abilities add gameplay complexity.
  • Cons: Dumb enemy and teammate AI, Lacks weapons balance, Poor level design, Repetitive locations, Annoying auto-save feature, Dull environs.
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Virtua Tennis 4 Review for PlayStation 3

  • Summary: Bearing in mind the game’s earlier version Virtua Tennis 4 for the PS3 does offer a better experience. If you’re a fan of the sport then you might find bits and pieces worth your liking in this game. But our bottom-line remains the same – go for this one only if you own a Sony PlayStation Move.
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FIFA 11 PS3 Review: A small leap forward with 11-on-11 football

  • Summary: FIFA 11 is definitely an improvement over the previous iteration in the series, but just a little bit so. And it also has a lot of stuff that makes the good old game of virtual football that much more drab. Complicated menus in the career mode and almost ‘hidden’ features mar an otherwise more...
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WWE '12 (X360)

  • Summary: Bigger and Badder, but could have been Better.
  • Pros: Great graphics, Smooth transitions between moves, Improved gameplay mechanics, Accurate 3D models.
  • Cons: Lacklustre story mode, Lots of bugs, Glitchy AI, Online mode is problematic.
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Sleeping Dogs

  • Summary: Don't let this supine canine lie.
  • Pros: Engaging story, Ample missions, Side-quests are fun to play.
  • Cons: Framing issues in the PC version.
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