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HP Z Display Z27i: High-quality display with an anti-glare screen

PC World
  • Conclusion: For those looking for a high quality, IPS screen, the 27-inch HP Z Display Z27i offers extra wide viewing angles, accurate color, tons of input options, ergonomic flexibility and anti-glare screen.
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NEC MultiSync EA274WMi: Display's 'human sensor' makes it go to sleep

PC World
  • Conclusion: If you're looking for a large, high quality, IPS-based monitor with an environmentally friendly disposition, the NEC MultiSync EA274WMi would be a great choice.
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BenQ XL2411Z 24″ Gaming Monitor Review

iLL Gaming
  • Summary: Monitors are very subjective products. Each have their own set of pros and cons, and the BenQ XL2411Z follows suit. You can’t go wrong with the build quality and construction offered here. The understated design is timeless, practical, and can look good anywhere, be it your home, your office or just...
  • Pros: -Great response time, allowing for lag-free gaming, -‘Blur Reduction’ mode works really well, -Flicker-free backlight works as advertised, -‘Low Blue Light’ modes does well to reduce strain, -BenQ makes good products and are taking the Indian market seriously
  • Cons: Inaccurate representation of colours, Washed out bright areas, Inconsistent contrast performance, Too much brightness, not needed at all, Needs a lot of manual tinkering. Out of the box performance is terrible
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BenQ RL2455HM Gaming Monitor Review

iLL Gaming
  • Summary: Any gamer will appreciate the BenQ RL2544HM's friendly features like 1ms low lag response time, flicker free display and good colour quality. This monitor isn't perfect by any means, but does offer a good proposition for its value.
  • Pros: Easy To Set Up and Use, Preconfigured RTS and Gamer display profiles, Crisp sharp pictures even during fast motion, Low fatigue on the eye
  • Cons: AMA causes ghosting when enabled, Stand does not swivel, Average viewing angles
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BenQ EX3200R Curved Monitor Review

iLL Gaming
  • Summary: The BenQ EX3200R is a good choice for gamers with decent PCs looking for a curved screen and a big size.
  • Pros: Good for gamers with low-end and mid-range PCs, Good performance across most sectors, Modern looks
  • Cons: Lower resolutions makes for unsuitable daytoday work, Could have done with a 21:9 aspect ratio
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