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NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 With ASUS VG278H, Review: BenQ RL2240H LED Monitor, HP Z Display Z27i: High-qu... See newest reviews

NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 With ASUS VG278H

  • Excerpt: 3D visual technologies are becoming more sophisticated by the year; most TV manufacturers have 3D models now. NVIDIA has been pushing its active shutter 3D technology into desktop computers for 3D gaming and 3D Blu-ray movie viewing. Their latest iteration, the 3D Vision 2, improves on earlier...
  • Pros: Bright images; Large viewing area; Full HD 3D; Supports over 500 games and Blu-ray 3D
  • Cons: Relatively low but noticeable flicker; Not recommended for extended use; Very expensive.
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BenQ RL2240H LED Monitor

  • Excerpt: It is no secret that gamers crave for monitors with faster response time so that they don't miss out on even a single frame of the critical action in the blur. BenQ has a new model - RL2240H, that the company classifies as a professional gaming monitor. It is claimed to have been co-designed with...
  • Pros: Good image quality; Fast response time; Full HD; Variety of inputs; Extensive controls with game profiles; Well priced.
  • Cons: Wobbly stand; Bad viewing angles; Hard buttons; White frame adversely affects viewing and requires high maintenance.
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HP Z Display Z27i: High-quality display with an anti-glare screen

PC World
  • Conclusion: For those looking for a high quality, IPS screen, the 27-inch HP Z Display Z27i offers extra wide viewing angles, accurate color, tons of input options, ergonomic flexibility and anti-glare screen.
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BenQ XL2420TX

  • Excerpt: While 3D visual technologies have gained popularity mainly due to movies in cinemas, the latest wave of resurgence in interest has also resulted in the technology entering our living rooms with televisions and PC monitors. Speaking of PC monitors, BenQ has just launched the 24" XL2420TX 3D monitor...
  • Pros: Excellent 3D performance with comfortable viewing; Bright display; S Switch for quick access to preset profiles; Great features for gamers; Adjustable along multiple axes; Very sturdy build.
  • Cons: Discoloration when viewed at an angle; Comes with only one pair of 3D glasses; Expensive.
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NEC MultiSync EA274WMi: Display's 'human sensor' makes it go to sleep

PC World
  • Conclusion: If you're looking for a large, high quality, IPS-based monitor with an environmentally friendly disposition, the NEC MultiSync EA274WMi would be a great choice.
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