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Crucial MX200 Review: A fast SSD at a nice price, OCZ Trion 100 review: An affordable SSD with a ... See newest reviews

Crucial MX200 Review: A fast SSD at a nice price

PC World
  • Excerpt: Crucial, being a Micron subsidiary, has access to NAND from its parent company's fabs. It rolls this advantage over to you, pricing drives such as the company's new MX200 lower than the competition: $470 for the 1TB version is a bargain in a top-end drive. The kicker is, Crucial makes even less...
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OCZ Trion 100 review: An affordable SSD with a problem

PC World
  • Excerpt: OCZ's new Trion SATA 6Mbps SSD is the NAND equivalent of a combo drive: It uses slow but dense 19nm TLC (Triple Level Cell) for the majority of its storage, and a cache of much faster SLC NAND to increase performance. It's not the only drive on the market that uses the fast/slower NAND model, but in...
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Arc 100 review: OCZ's better bargain SSD

PC World
  • Excerpt: Though it's not a top-tier speed burner, you'd be hard pressed to find better value in a 2.5-inch, 7mm, SATA 6Gbps SSD than OCZ's Arc 100. At least for the short term. It currently sells for a mere 36 cents per gigabyte and features OCZ's solid-performing Barefoot 3 M10 controller and 19nm MLC NAND....
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The Toshiba Q Series Pro SSD delivers top performance at a discount

PC World
  • Excerpt: Many capable SSDs are out there, but don't overlook a relative newcomer: Toshiba's Q Series Pro. Toshiba's drives are among the very fastest we've tested, and in an unusual development, we saw no drop in performance in its smaller capacities. Throw in heavy online discounts, and you have an...
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HGST Travelstar 5K1500

  • Excerpt: With solid state drives seeing prices drop year over year thanks to economies of scale and shrinking size of the NAND memory chips, it may seem like laptop drives are irrelevant. But in terms of value proposition or cost per GB, SSDs can still only dream of coming down to the levels offered by hard...
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