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Panasonic SDR-H101

  • Excerpt: An adjustable cushioned leather grip strap is present on one side, making it suitable to be held comfortably with the right hand. Of course that leaves left-handed people in the lurch, but such is usually the case with just about any of the camcorders available. The grip is comfortable, but the body...
  • Pros: Compact size and light; Good image quality; 70x optical zoom; Optical image stabilization; 80 GB hard drive + SD HC storage; Good battery life; Zoom microphone works well.
  • Cons: Poor performance in dim environment; Lens-glare issues; No headphone jack; Power button can be occasionally unresponsive.
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Sony Handycam HDR-PJ50

  • Excerpt: Coming to the front of the camcorder, the lens is protected by a cover, which opens automatically when the camcorder is turned on. The coated wide angle Sony Lens G has a specification of 1.8/2.9-34.8 and an optical zoom power of 12x. There is a dual LED flash on the left of the lens, which lets you...
  • Pros: Compact; Full HD recording; Projector function; Swivel touch-screen controls; Excellent build; Crisp image quality; Crystal clear sound; Smooth and silent optical zoom; Good battery life; SteadyShot; Decent still photography; Wireless remote control.
  • Cons: A bit heavy, Touch-screen controls may be difficult to use; Projector only projects contents recorded by camcorder.
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Panasonic SDR-H90

  • Excerpt: With the increasing number of camcorders and with a wide variety of recording formats to choose from, picking up a camcorder that would really suit your need is getting more and more difficult. Now, since they don’t come cheap investing in one that best fits your requirement is the most important...
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Sony HDR-CX150

  • Excerpt: The Sony HDR-CX150 is a real piece of work that demands more than just a second's look. It’s small, extremely compact and is very feature-rich. Manufacturers should actually learn from these guys on how to design a camcorder.
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Canon FS10

  • Excerpt: Canon camcorders have a long way to go. Unlike Sony for instance, the technology used in Canon's offerings (at the same price point) still needs to evolve. The quality too is seriously in need of reinvention. After having reviewed a few of Canon’s DVD-based, the FS10 only reaffirms this belief.
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