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Sony BDP-S370 Blu-ray Player

  • Excerpt: This new player from the mega stalwart Sony has been the biggest buzz the reviewing community. It so happens that the BDP-S370 has been getting full marks everywhere! Finally Sony obliged us and sent us a product for review, for just one week (they are uptight like that) but that's more than enough...
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Philips BDP7500 Blu-ray player

  • Excerpt: India takes time to catch up with the new trends in technology, but already the niche early adopters, call them videophiles in this case, have started developing keen interest in Blu-ray discs and the high definition movie format. Blu-ray players are soon going to pick up in our country; after all...
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Sony BDP-S360 Blu-ray Player

  • Excerpt: Blu-ray players were the next big thing a couple of years ago, but it's only now that it is catching up here. (More and more Bollywood movies are being released in Blu-ray.) That is the key - once the market is created products will pick up, and the far eastern stalwarts Sony already seem to be...
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Sony BDP S380 Blu-ray Player

  • Excerpt: Sony have been focusing hard on the Indian audience with their Blu-ray players and home theatre systems. We recently reviewed the BDV-E980 3D Blu-ray home theatre system and besides it performing well, it offered fairly good value for money. In this vein, Sony have launched the BDP S380 Blu-ray...
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